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Display your love of Fodi to the world! Apparel consists of the Fodi "Beer Mug" logo on the front of the shirt, and the Fodi URL across the shoulders on the back. Camisoles and jr. tank tops have the URL under the logo.

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Sally's Broken Heart

Broken Heart

It's Sally's pink broken heart shirt! Whether you're a lonely zombie gal, freshly returned from the dead, or a seasoned brain-eating fiend, you'll need this shirt to show that you mean business when it comes to being undead. Shirts are (mostly) pink with a big broken heart on the front.

Notable Series Featuring Sally:

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Bill's Linux Shirt

I Heart Linux

Based on the shirt worn by the character Bill. Proudly display your love of Linux by donning shirts with this proud and sometimes cryptic statement. We are not responsible if you get beaten up by jocks or other antagonists while wearing this shirt.

Notable Series Featuring Bill:

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