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Initially created as an exercise in discipline and to improve artwork, Fodi has grown into a story that the real Matt and Steve have come to love and exists as a means to entertain you and occasionally make you laugh. Fodi is at it's core a story about two guys, Matt and Steve, and a mysterious winged woman, Lara, whom are somehow a part of some grand, behind-the-scenes plot. Matt is the oddball, and possibly some sort of secret genius. Steve is kinda bitter and possibly powerfully dangerous. He's got horrible luck with women. Matt accidentally brought Lara to life; she's a soldier of Justice and is a bit wet behind the ears in regards to how the world works. While they feel like they live a completely bizarre and ordinary life, things just keep happening to them. They are fairly oblivious to all of this and mostly just go with the flow. Fodi is broken up into individual series that each tell a small snippet of the story, and occasionally break into wild tangents when necessary (and sometimes when unnecessary). To read individually the summaries of all series, click here. Otherwise, continue reading onward and examine our story guide, which may contain spoilers.


Fodi began one horribly boring night in July of 2003 when Matt said, "Hey I want to try drawing a comic. Want to help?" and Steve foolishly said he would. So we quickly whipped up some terrible drawings and scripts about the only thing we really knew anything about: us. That lasted for about one series before we started to realize that we weren't very exciting people and so we began to deviate from real life by having some wild adventures for our two [loveable?] main characters.ittle endeavor.


The writing is done jointly by Steve and Matt, and we've got a decent start arc planned. We're very excited about where this story was going. Since a fair bit of things in the comic depend on the backstory, I highly recommend you go through the archives when you've got some time. Some of the older strips are a bit lacking in quality, but it helps to get to know the characters. Alternately, just click the Story tab above to hit the highlights.


Fodi is updated three times per week, usually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Site:

The baldninja website is currently in its third major revision. It uses php, sql, xhtml, and css to deliver dynamic content to the viewer. All components of the site, with the exception of phpBB, were hand coded and custom made.


Matt draws the comic. Matt had very little artistic ability when he began this project, which makes us wonder why the hell we ever thought this was a good idea. We now exist as proof that someone can improve greatly by the mere effort of drawing thousands of comic strips. Matt uses bristol board, pigma micron pens, Paint Shop Pro, and a Wacom tablet to create the artwork. Matt is currently [very slowly] redrawing some of the older strips.

The Beginning:

In the beginning, or near enough as to not really matter in the grand course of time, Matt and Steve were driving around aimlessly. When they stopped, there was a girl in the trunk, though her existence was never explained satisfactorily. Soon after, Steve took it upon himself to thrust some magic sneezing powder in front of Matt and accidentally bring Matt's drawing of Lara to life. Oops. So they did what any good accidental creators would do and taught her about justice. Then they traveled through time, went on reality TV, won a million bucks, and bought a microbrewery from some Bald Ninjas.

Girlfriends, Justice, and Evil Plots:

Everything started going wrong when a mysterious voice convinces Lara that Matt and Steve are evil, causing her to try to bring them to Justice. Naturally they escape by travelling outside of time, resulting in Steve finding a girlfriend. Wacky antics ensue, eventually leading to the befriending of the friendly zombie girl Sally and the defeat of Lara, after which she is imprisoned in the basement. Steve and Angela have a good time, except she turns out to be evil and Matt and Lara have to save the day. They follow her to an evil corporation where they defeat the big bad and all is right. Except for those damn zombies.

Return to Normalcy (Sort of):

Now that everything is right again, there are more wacky antics involving politics, blasphemers, and alien abduction and Matt becomes the father (or mother?) of a beautiful baby girl... alien thing. Their friend Bill invents a delicious Mexican food/coffee hybrid, which turns out to be evil and sentient and results in the death of Sally. Then the Bald Ninjas try to search for her but don't really get anywhere and Matt and Steve work on promoting the brewery.

Of College, Corporations, and Crises:

After some more brewery promotion, Matt sends Zita off to college and dabbles again in Reality TV with Steve. Zita would have a good time in college if it wasn't for her annoying roommate Linda, so Matt decides to meddle with Linda's internship and conveniently inherits control of ZMB Corp, allowing him to do so. Meanwhile, Steve and Larahave some dreams leading Steve to thing he is some horrible prophesied destroyer. This all leads to Steve searching for remnants of Angela, Matt and his secretary Melinda (who looks just like Sally) finding identical clones of Melinda while fighting zombies, the discovery of a vaguely living John F. Kennedy, Lara being taunt how to attract men by Steve's new girlfriend Susan, and Steve being contacted by a mysterious little girl. So naturally Matt and Steve travel to the future again to find some answers and encounter a crisis that may just change their lives forever!

Captive Angels:

When they finally return, they find that Lara has been kidnapped. In their search for her, Steve finds a spirit guide who is more spirit than guide, Lara is counterkidnapped by someone else, Matt discovers a truth about the Sally clones, and Steve learns magic. Soon he finds that Angela isn't as dead as he thought, a man named Belliard is using zombies as a distributed denial of service attack, and that Matt can create organic cybernetic clone bodies for ghosts, which is pretty weird if you stop to think about it. As a result, they go to bust Lara out of her new prison. Things don't go so well. People die, Lara and Angela are changed forever, and John F. Kennedy gets away. Oh and that mysterious little girl just keeps popping up.


So now Steve is extra pissed off and depressed, Zita and Linda almost become friends (until Linda screws up), Steve has learned a terrifying truth, Matt feels rotten about creating life artificially, and Lara still doesn't know what all her powers are, and the cybernetic clone body is running around without adult supervision. Now that the world has hit them in the face, will they seek out answers, or will they continue to go about their life, willfully ignoring all the troubles around them?