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The Cast of Fodi

Matt has long brown hair tied into a ponytail.  His shirt has a horizontal line on it.


  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1981-07-04
  • Occupation: Student
  • Interests: Cheese, Roleplaying Games, Electronics, Drawing
  • Weapon of Choice: Axe in a Can
  • Kills: 5
  • Profile: Matt was a student at RIT, where for some reason he never went to class, but instead invented time machines and created Lara. He jointly owns the Bald Ninja Brewery with Steve.
Steve has short hair and wears glasses.


  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1980-11-14
  • Occupation: Student
  • Interests: Beer, Video game RPGs, Cars, (RIT)'
  • Weapon of Choice: Sword
  • Kills: 1
  • Profile: Steve used his and Matt's contest winnings to purchase the Bald Ninja Brewery from an ancient sect of Ninja. He is bitter and cynical due in part to his days at RIT.
Lara has blond hair and angelic wings.


  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1167-10-27
  • Occupation: Soldier of Justice
  • Interests: Justice, Beer, Cats
  • Weapon of Choice: Sword, Energy
  • Kills: 2
  • Profile: Lara was created when some magic sneezing powder caused Matt to sneeze on her character drawing. She is a soldier of justice and stands by Matt and Steve. Her naivety frequently causes her a bit of confusion.
Zita is a green-skinned half-alien


  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 2004-10-24
  • Occupation: None
  • Interests: Science, Metaphysics, Rich Boys
  • Weapon of Choice: None
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Aliens abducted Matt and impregnated him; Zita is the result of his pregnancy. She grew up very fast and has a high capacity for learning.
Red head girl with a pink shirt and glasses.


  • Status: Dead
  • Born: 1979-02-28
  • Occupation: Zombie (Former Student)
  • Interests: Biology, Medicine, Brains
  • Weapon of Choice: Throwing Knife
  • Kills: 2
  • Profile: Sally was a dear friend of Matt and Steve, despite being a zombie. Her quirky personality endeared her to many people. She was eventually killed under mysterious circumstances.
Angela has long, dark hair and stands in a playboy pose.


  • Status: Dead
  • Born: 1978-03-05
  • Occupation: Demon
  • Interests: Steve, Zombies, Dogs
  • Weapon of Choice: Claws
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Angela was Steve's girlfriend, but was later revealed to be a demon sent to gain his trust and then kill him. She was last seen being chewed up by a woodchipper.
A ninja dressed in black with a bare, bald head.

Bald Ninja

  • Status: Alive
  • Occupation: Ninja
  • Interests: Restoring inner peace, Killing people for no reason at all, Regaining lost glory.
  • Weapon of Choice: Ninja Weapons
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: This mysterious sect of the ninja is interested in Steve because of his stealthy hair, which they believe to be the key to regaining the lost glory of their ancestors.
Susan has blond hair, a pony tail, and two pigtails that drape over her shoulders.


  • Status: Dead
  • Born: 1977-05-07
  • Occupation: Registered Nurse
  • Interests: The Occult, Ponies, Enchiladas, Helping People, Steve
  • Weapon of Choice: Brass Knuckles
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Steve's late girlfriend. She assisted Steve on his quest to find Angela because she found him to be a very interesting boy, leading to her untimely death at the hands of John F. Kennedy
Melinda looks like Sally Walgins.


  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1979-11-13
  • Occupation: Secretary
  • Interests: Romance Novels, Cheese Fondue, Pancakes
  • Weapon of Choice: None
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Melinda is a secretary for ZMB Corp who works under Matt. She was apparently cloned and is part of a coverup from the Masterdam branch of the company.


  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1987-06-04
  • Occupation: Student
  • Interests: Boys, Imaging Science, Pancakes
  • Weapon of Choice: Sex Appeal
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Linda is Zita's obnoxious roommate and a research assistant in the imaging science department. She is very intelligent, which irks Zita to no end, especially since Linda acts rather promiscuous.
Young, black college boy.


  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1986-11-08
  • Occupation: Student
  • Interests: Classical Music, Jazz, Porn, baked Ziti
  • Weapon of Choice: None
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Zita's best college buddy, Kenneth keeps Zita sane during her conflicts with Linda and helps make college life fun.
Dude with a little hat and a bit of a mullet in a suit and tie.

Jacob Belliard

  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1971-03-15
  • Occupation: Engineer
  • Interests: Hats
  • Weapon of Choice: Zombie-Based Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Belliard is a potential villain in the future, but runs Satis Corp under ZMB's umbrella and is a potential ally for Matt.
A rotund man with a goatee.


  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1981-12-18
  • Occupation: Student
  • Interests: Linux, Counterstrike, Women that talk to him
  • Weapon of Choice: Hockey Stick
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Bill is an IT major at RIT. He has an emotional relationship with linux and likes to play counterstrike.
OMG Zombie JFK!

John F. kennedy

  • Status: Undead
  • Born: 1917-05-29
  • Occupation: Ex-President
  • Interests: Killing Zombies, Being Impervious to Bullets
  • Weapon of Choice: Revolver
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: John F. Kennedy has risen from the grave with one goal in mind: Destroy All Zombies!
A stern businessman with gray hair.

Preston Masterdam

  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1948-02-29
  • Occupation: Evil Corporate Mastermind
  • Interests: Power, Origami, Tea, Power, Online Trivia Games, More Power
  • Weapon of Choice: His Cunning Mind
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Preston Masterdam is one-third of ZMB and seemingly behind the plot to use clones of Sally to gain control of a terrifying all-powerful device.
A young brunette in a pink dress who looks to be in her early teens.


  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 2003-07-23
  • Occupation: Mysterious Little Girl
  • Interests: Being Mysterious
  • Weapon of Choice:
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Serafina is a mysterious little girl who can telepathically contact Steve and who appears to be working with Masterdam. Masterdam seems to wield some control over her. She seems to know a lot about Lara.
Sleek super spy with long hair and facial hair.

Jonathan Godot

  • Status: Dead
  • Born: 1969-04-11
  • Occupation: International Spy
  • Interests: Gadgetry, Women, Impersonating Jesus
  • Weapon of Choice: Spy Tools
  • Kills: 1
  • Profile: Jonathan Godot is a spy that Matt met at a frat party. Jon enjoys saving the world and impersonating Jesus. This did not register well with the Anti-Blasphemer Detection and Destruction Machine.
Large man in a suit. Wears sunglasses.

Geddy Richards

  • Status: Dead
  • Born: 1967-06-16
  • Occupation: Television Executive, Evil Mastermind
  • Interests: Pain, Torture, High Ratings, Revenge
  • Weapon of Choice: Dull Sitcoms
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Geddy Richards was the executive producer of "Survivor: New York City Ghetto" before he was apparently killed by Matt. He was later revealed to be the hidden tormentor af Matt and crew and was eaten by Sally, who thought him a tasty brain snack.
Decaying flesh. Rarrarrragh!


  • Status: Undead
  • Occupation: Tools of Destruction
  • Interests: Brains, Destruction, Goats, Lindsay Lohan.
  • Weapon of Choice: Long fingernails
  • Kills: 2
  • Profile: Zombies are undead that shuffle about and eat brains. The cast runs into them on occasion.
A glowing deer who eats stoners.

Radioactive Deer

  • Status: Alive
  • Occupation: Stoner Muncher
  • Interests: Eating stoners, Exchanging insults, Smashing things.
  • Weapon of Choice: Antlers and Hooves
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: The mysterious radioactive deer of Rochester enjoys taunting others and breaking their stuff. He was created to keep the stoner population from overunning college campuses.
Goateed man who looks stoned

Babbit Coolidge

  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1974-08-11
  • Occupation: Television Host
  • Interests: Doing nothing, Marijuana, Guitars.
  • Weapon of Choice: Boredom
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Babbit is the host of American Idle, a job he enjoys because he doesn't have to do much of anything.
Man with a baseball cap.


  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1980-01-06
  • Occupation: Mailcarrier
  • Interests: Letters, Ducks, Florida Marlins
  • Weapon of Choice: Envelopes (Paper Cuts!)
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: A rural postal worker with a penchant for ducks.
An old man with a brimmed had and scraggily beard.

Bill Milligan

  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1936-05-12
  • Occupation: Sidewalk Prophet
  • Interests: Prophesizing, Palm reading
  • Weapon of Choice: Tarot Cards
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: An old man who fancies himself a prophet and warns Matt and Steve of impending darkness.
Demonic used car salesman

Happy Bill

  • Status: Dead
  • Born: 1893-11-04
  • Occupation: Tow Truck Dealer
  • Interests: Tow Trucks, Suede, Immortal Souls
  • Weapon of Choice: Claws and Teeth
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Happy Bill was a demonic used tow truck dealer who planned to steal Matt's and Steve's souls before his head was cut off by an axe.
There can be only one.

Adrian Paul/Bram Cohen

  • Status: Dead
  • Born: 1959-05-29
  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Interests: Swords, Defeating evil immortals, Peer-to-peer filesharing programs.
  • Weapon of Choice: Katana
  • Kills: 1
  • Profile: He was an immortal businessman working as the head of Satis Corp before his brains were eaten by a zombie.
A fierce-looking vegetable.


  • Status: Dead
  • Occupation: Anti-Zombie Weapon
  • Interests: Killing Zombies
  • Weapon of Choice: Unknown
  • Kills: 76
  • Profile: The rutabaga is the ultimate enemy of the zombies.
The founder of Wendy's.

Dave Thomas

  • Status: Undead
  • Born: 1934-07-02
  • Occupation: Fast Food Vigilante
  • Interests: Square burgers, Saving humanity, Adoption
  • Weapon of Choice: Square Burgers
  • Kills: 101
  • Profile: The founder of Wendys fights to save humanity from evil fast food monsters.
A balding, middle-aged man.

Dave Pages

  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1963-01-06
  • Occupation: Television Host
  • Interests: Talking, Building Houses, Origami
  • Weapon of Choice: Fists
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Dave Pages is the host of Trading Cases, and a master of Kung Fu.
A ferocious monster with many many teeth

Hypertime Monster

  • Status: Dead
  • Occupation: Devourer of Men
  • Interests: Consuming the flesh of the living
  • Weapon of Choice: Many, Many Teeth
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: A wicked creature found between times.
A dolphin in a tank.

Encapsulated Dolphin

  • Status: Alive
  • Occupation: Test Subject
  • Interests: Freedom, Being Loved
  • Weapon of Choice: Nose Ram
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: This dolphin is trapped in a lab where it suffers from horrible experiments. He longs for his captors to love him and wishes to be free.
A giant killer moth.

Bad Mothafooka

  • Status: Dead?
  • Occupation: Giant Monster
  • Interests: Destruction of Japanese Cities, Fajitas
  • Weapon of Choice: Ice Breath
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: This mean moth was defeated by Matt in the past... or was it?
A bubble news reporter.

May O'Reilly

  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1976-05-01
  • Occupation: News Reporter
  • Interests: Make-up, Chick Flicks, Bubble Gum
  • Weapon of Choice: Pepper Spray
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: May is a bubbly news reporter whose goal in life is to rescue bunnies.
A news anchor with a face carved from stone.

Dash Johnson

  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1973-09-30
  • Occupation: News Anchor
  • Interests: The Facts, Loose Women, Volleyball
  • Weapon of Choice: Brass Knuckles
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Dash Johnson is the hard-faced news anchor for the local channel.
Matt's beautiful wife.


  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1980-11-11
  • Occupation: Domestic Engineer
  • Interests: Matt, Sims 2, Scrapbooking
  • Weapon of Choice: None
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: Matt's beautiful wife does not actually appear in this comic.
Long-haired woman with a scowl and white hair. Wears a stylish outfit.

Dasha the Blade

  • Status: Alive
  • Occupation: Guild Leader
  • Interests: Intrigue, Espionage, Pie
  • Weapon of Choice: Ginsue Knives
  • Kills: 1
  • Profile: Leader of a guild, she is a master of the Ginsu knives. Had Sally Walgins killed.
A stuffed alligator.

Mr. Wuggs

  • Status: Alive
  • Occupation: General
  • Interests: Murder, Seafood
  • Weapon of Choice: Katana
  • Kills: 1
  • Profile: Mr. Wuggs is the imaginary nemesis of Sally. He is also sorta real.
Rotund midgit being with a fluffy bunny tail.


  • Status: Alive
  • Occupation: Soldiers and Engineers
  • Interests: Building things, Poking things with sticks.
  • Weapon of Choice: Spear
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: The pinochets are the soldiers and engineers of the death legions, an army led by Mr. Wuggs.
Blobby thing with several eyes.


  • Status: Imaginary
  • Occupation: Zombie Oggler
  • Interests: Naked Zombies
  • Weapon of Choice: None
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: An imaginary creature that Sally invented. It is fornlorn and horny and survives by oggling naked zombies.
Man with a mullet and an eyepatch.

Dr. Slaughter

  • Status: Alive
  • Occupation: Restaurant Owner
  • Interests: Killing Vegans, Steelers Football, Hunting Deer
  • Weapon of Choice: Whirling blades
  • Kills: 1
  • Profile: Dr. Slaughter is the owner of a bar that kills vegans to make burgers.
A man in a space officer uniform.

Captain Bob

  • Status: Alive
  • Occupation: Loyal Officer
  • Interests: Safety of the Galaxy
  • Weapon of Choice: Ray Guns
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: A Loyal Officer oppressed and imprisoned by Xenu. He is now free to defend the galaxy.
A geeky, red-haired student with glasses.


  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 1982-03-05
  • Occupation: Student
  • Interests: Computer Science, Case Modding, Porn
  • Weapon of Choice: Dremel Tool
  • Kills: 0
  • Profile: A CS student at RIT, Art enjoys building odd assortments of cases and looking at pictures of naked women.